BUZZ FEED interview with Keila Pulinario on reentry and employment

Keila Pulinario Thought Prison Was Tough. Then She Had To Find A Job.

For women looking for jobs after prison, it doesn’t just feel harder. It is harder. Meet the formerly incarcerated women who are helping one another to get ahead.

Not long after Keila Pulinario was released from prison, she was hit by a car while walking to work.

Pulinario was pissed off. Before the accident, she’d worked her first post-incarceration job at a culinary company that ran a cafeteria in New York City’s financial district. Afterward, she had to accept that her life wouldn’t be the same — that the back and shoulder injuries she’d suffered meant she could no longer be the same “beast in the kitchen,” on her feet all day without the time or flexibility to sit down and rest every so often. She couldn’t lift a heavy pot or pan with one hand anymore, let alone multitask at the breakneck pace of a commercial cook…