The Arts & Culture Committee for the 2018 Beyond the Bars Conference invites you to show your original visual artwork as part of the 2018 Beyond the Bars Conference March 1-4, 2018 at Columbia University in New York City. Our mission is to end mass incarceration and to bring justice to communities affected by the carceral system. Each year the conference examines different aspects of mass incarceration and alternative forms of justice. This year the theme is “Closing Jails and Prisons” and we are seeking artwork that imagines a post-carceral world.

If you would like to exhibit for the 2018 Beyond the Bars Conference please email us at by 5pm February 15, 2018. In your email please include a PDF of the artwork(s) you would like to submit along with your contact information and a brief description of how your artwork contributes to visions of a world free of prisons and jails.

You can also fill out this form to provide us information about your submission: