We at the center for justice are proud to say we were invited to attend the “Vote for Justice” event held in Washington D.C. This red-carpet affair was a celebration of awareness, and a commitment to stopping mass incarceration. There was entertainment the likes of African dance, singing, and panel discussions. As the show ended, awards were giving to those who play the most significant role in our fight against mass incarceration. As the names were called, and people filled the stage to receive their awards, it is astonishing to sheer number of people who are actively in this fight with us. They are names you never heard, faces you won’t recognize. All are dedicated to change. If not for events like this, we wouldn’t know how massive a movement we are a part of. This event is evidence that people all over the world are awake. The next morning a breakfast conference was held. Here minds collided, and ideas emerged about voter awareness, and how to educate voters about the stance politicians have taken concerning policies that directly effect their community.