Columbia Journal 57: Call for Submissions from Incarcerated Writers

Community Outreach Program

Columbia Journal’s Community Outreach Program aims to maintain and sustain space for those writers from vulnerable and at-risk communities who have traditionally been excluded from the larger literary discussion of art, taste, and scholarship. The outreach program actively questions and challenges our formal thinking about what we consider “good writing”, who we consider “serious writers”, and whose stories we read in literary magazines.

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Columbia Journal wasfoundedin1977bystudentsintheC olumbiaUniversitySchoolofthe Arts Graduate Writing program. Since then, we’ve featured work from Nobel laureates and unknowns, National Book Award winners and newcomers. Our past issues have included writers such as Raymond Carver, Lorrie Moore, Kara Walker, Mary Karr, and Joyce Carol Oates.

Today, Columbia Journal publishes both in print and online,, seeking to showcase the best poetry, nonfiction, fiction, translation and visual art on both platforms. The print edition, published each spring, is a combination of solicited work and the best of the submissions we’ve received—including the winners of our annual winter contest. Online, you’ll find reviews and interviews with writers and artists, as well as the same caliber of original, vibrantly creative work that the print edition is known for.