University Partners

In addition to partnering with community-based organizations and centers, institutes and departments at Columbia, the Center partners with other institutions of higher learning throughout New York City.  Through these partnerships, we work to develop cross-university projects and opportunities for shared learning.

The Public Science Project                                                                                              

The Public Science Project conducts and supports participatory action research with a commitment to the significant knowledge people hold about their lives and experiences and a belief that those most intimately impacted by research should take the lead in shaping research questions, framing interpretations, and designing meaningful products and actions. We collaborate with community organizations, schools, prisons, and public institutions to design research and practice aimed at interrupting justice. See more on our research projects here. The Public Science Project engages a radical participatory pedagogy to redistribute knowledge across communities. We hold workshops, trainings, institutes, and salons on theories, methods, and ethics of PAR.  For more information click here.