Frequently Asked Questions

Below, please find the answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions. For additional questions not listed here, please email Nicole Delgadillo ( or Dr. Joshua Bennett (


1) What is the duration of the fellowship?

The fellowship will begin in Fall 2017 (September) and last through the Summer of 2018 (August). The workshop will be taught in either semester—it is flexible depending on the fellow’s preference and vision for the workshop.


2) What is the structure of the workshop? Are there limitations on the time length of a single workshop? Is there a budget? What is the ideal class size?

The structure of workshop can follow a more traditional model: once a week for 2 hours each for 14 weeks (the length of a semester). However, applicants are welcome to propose an alternate format outside of the weekly format, as long as the total hours are the same. For example, formats that are more intensive style (several hours over one week or few, longer sessions) are welcome. Both formats are currently used in our Rikers Education Program.

The budget is $1000-$1500 per workshop. Ideally there would be no more than 15 students per workshop.


3) Must the artist currently reside in New York City?

The stipend in a flat fee but no additional funds allocated for living and travel expenses. If the fellow chooses to relocate to New York, no additional support will be provided in terms of procuring housing, etc. Fellow must be able to travel relatively easily to Columbia University to teach workshops. It is preferred that the applicants live in or have access to housing in the Tri-State area.


4) Are non-fiction submissions allowed?

Yes, non-fiction submissions are allowed. Samples should not exceed 25 pages in length.