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Where: The Back Patio Area at Hour Children’s Main Office 36-11 12th Street LIC, NY   11106 If you have any questions, please call Sarah Murphy at 347-535-3487 or   CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

A Question of Compassion: Parole for People Aging in Prison

by Vera Institute of Justice and Release Aging People in Prison: RAPP Campaign   Although New York State’s prison population is shrinking overall, the number of elderly people incarcerated is growing rapidly. Now, approximately two out of ten people incarcerated

Accounting for Harm

Accounting for Harm: Building Connections in Accounting for Individual, Institutional and Ideological Harm Friday September 7th, 2018 – 6:30pm Columbia School of Social Work 1255 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027 Speakers Piper Anderson, Create Forward Kassandra Frederique, Drug Policy

Advanced Peacemaking Circles with Kay Pranis

Advanced Peacemaking Circles with Kay Pranis September 7th-9th 9:30am – 5:00pm – All three days required Columbia School of Social Work This advanced peacemaking circle training is for people who are currently or have recently been using peacemaking circles in

Research Opportunities: From the Inside Out

People in prison, including those suffering from mental illnesses, are victims of mistreatment such as violence due to the use of excessive force and severe neglect in the form of moral exclusions and disengagement by prison guards and other staff... READ MORE

PRI to co-organise conference on women in prison

Penal Reform International and the Vance Center are co-organising a conference on Women in prison: evidence, advocacy and reform, in Bogota from 5–7 September 2018. The conference will bring together 45 women prisoners’ rights advocates from the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe to

From Prison to College Degrees

FROM PRISONS TO COLLEGE DEGREES: A Conversation on Incarceration and the Importance of Higher Education  Join us at The Fortune Society in Long Island City on Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at 6 pm for an insightful discussion on the challenges and triumphs faced

Columbia Journal 57: Call for Submissions from Incarcerated Writers

Community Outreach Program Columbia Journal’s Community Outreach Program aims to maintain and sustain space for those writers from vulnerable and at-risk communities who have traditionally been excluded from the larger literary discussion of art, taste, and scholarship. The outreach program... READ MORE