Building Leaders and Breaking Stereotypes

 An event focused on education as the cornerstone, and leadership develop- ment by and for those most affected by mass criminalization. Leaders are being developed from among the over 60 million Americans with a criminal record— and stereotypes can be

War on Drugs or War on Us?

Featuring Dr. Carl Hart – Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology and Psychiatry at Columbia University

Reducing Incarceration Symposium Video

We were fortunate to film all of the Reducing Incarceration: Endless Punishment, Long-Term Sentences, and Aging in Prison — or Release and Reentry Symposium.   The video footage of all four panels is below starting with the first panel.  A full... READ MORE

Prison Narratives: Changing the Story

Please join the African and African American Studies Department, Urban Male Initiative, Women’s Studies Program and City and Humanities Program for an exciting line-up of events changing the conversation about mass incarceration. 12:30:   Poetry Slam via Skype from inside

Reducing Incarceration Symposium – Recap

All of us at The Justice Initiative are extremely thankful to everyone who helped to organize the symposium, to all of our esteemed panelists and moderators, to all of the attendees who joined us throughout the day and all of... READ MORE