Collective Leadership Institute

The Collective Leadership Institute is inspired by our radical hope to strengthen the leadership of formerly incarcerated and directly impacted women, and expand their capacity to contribute to the women’s justice movement to end mass incarceration.

The Women Transcending Collective Leadership Institute (CLI) offers leadership development that includes: capacity building, legislative and advocacy tools, community organizing, and communication skills. We also include workshops on the history of different women’s movement, healing practices, and Participatory Action Research throughout the year.

One year commitment includes:

  • 3 four-day, in-person learning sessions (Thursday evening through Sunday noon – dates TBD)
  • Two Beyond the Bars Conferences
  • Two webinars

The learning sessions and Beyond the Bars Conferences will take place in New York City.  The CLI is open to people from across the country.  All travel to New York City is paid for.

Check back for the next application cycle.

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Meet Our Collective Leadership Institute Cohort 2020-2021

Director of Advocacy for the Northwest Community Bail Fund 

"I joined CLI because I wanted to connect with other women who have shared similar experiences as mine, learn how to effectively heal myself and my community from the generational trauma caused by the criminal punishment system, and dismantle it."

Learn more about Chanel

Social Justice Organizer

"I'll retire doing the work of liberation and freeing black and brown people."

Learn more about Robin

Co-founder, Reaching and Educating for Community Hope (RECH) Foundation

"Women incarcerated/formerly incarcerated women are no different than any other woman...We have the same emotions and feelings, family issues like other families. We deserve respect and treatment as other women"

Learn more about Pauline

Doctoral Student 

"What I've valued most about CLI is having had the opportunity to meet so many amazing women doing such important criminal justice reform work."

Learn more about Olivia here

Community Advocate and Reentry Coordinator

"As a woman and mother with similar experiences of lost children in the system, dealing with homelessness and substance use disorder, I understand firsthand the need to bring those experiences to the forefront and to the tables of government officials in order to enact policy change and support."

Learn more about Russelle here

Communication and Community Engagement Coordinator, Alliance for Higher Education in Prison 

"I wanted to join CLI because let's face it, there is very little to help for formerly incarcerated people who are seeking leadership positions, even less specifically for women by women. Programs like this run by directly impacted leaders in the higher ed in prison community are a necessity to elevate members of our community."

Learn more about Lauren here

Director of Policy, Advocacy and Outreach for Prison Cells to PhD

"I am committed to the concept that those closest to the problem are also those that are closest to the solution - yet we are routinely denied a seat at the table - much less provided with the opportunity to direct the work and shape the narrative that is truly reflective of our experiences and that is authentically driven by us.  Laws and policies are directed at us - not with us. I am committed to working to create and support models that elevate our voices and that creates new narratives."

Learn more about Kimberly here