Beyond the Bars Conference

The Beyond the Bars Conference is an annual student-driven interdisciplinary conference on mass incarceration held at Columbia University.  Each year the conference brings together students, faculty, activists, advocates, practitioners, those who have experienced and/or been impacted by incarceration, community members and more to connect, galvanize, and deepen the work of building justice and equity and ending mass incarceration.

Past Beyond the Bars Conferences

Theme: Freedom Plans: Strategies for Challenging a Carceral Society 

Description: This year's theme aimed to explore strategies for challenging a carceral society. In 2020, our conference was now 10 years old, as is the book The New Jim Crow. While our movement legacy extends far beyond the past decade, in the past 10 years the movement challenging incarceration and criminalization has grown significantly - in part due to the role of currently and formerly incarcerated and directly impacted people. On the other hand, the total number of people in jails and prisons in the U.S. has decreased very little, incarceration of people who are undocumented has increased, and criminalization of activism is on the rise. We are at a time when the movement against mass incarceration is one of many social movements mobilizing for justice and liberation, both in the United States and throughout the world. These movements have birthed many possibilities as well as many challenges. Beyond the Bars 2020 provided a generative space to surface and explore strategic issues and further our freedom plans towards transforming the society in which we live.

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Angela Davis speaking on Beyond the Bars panel

Theme: Until She's Free

Description: The 9th Annual Beyond the Bars Conference took place on March 7–10. The conference focused on the incarceration and criminalization of women and girls themselves, as well as of their families and communities.

Our focus was inclusive of transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people. The many struggles for justice, equity, and safety led by women and girls directly impacted by the criminal legal system was at the heart of the conference as we aimed to create a space to further strengthen and advance change. 

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Beyond the Bars organizers posing in their "Until She's Free" shirts

Theme: Closing Jails and Prisons

Description: The 8th Annual Beyond the Bars Conference took place on March 1–4. 

This year’s conference focused on elevating the growing movement to close jails and prisons to:

  1. Convene and support a national network of people and organizations working to close jails and prisons across the country
  2. Help articulate a vision and analysis for closing jails and prisons and envisioning what comes next
  3. Address and examine some of the difficult issues and questions that arise when people are calling for closing jails and prisons
  4. Further catalyze university involvement in ending mass incarceration

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Two people holding signs advocating for the closure of jails and prisons

Theme: Transcending the Punishment Paradigm

Description: The 7th Annual Beyond the Bars Conference took place on March 2-5. 

This year’s conference, focused on the criminal justice system’s responses to violence, asking the following four questions:

  1. What are the root causes of violence within communities? What are the root causes of state violence? How do the two intersect?
  2. What is needed to makes communities safe?
  3. What are the existing narratives about people who have committed violent acts? How do we change those narratives?
  4. When violence happens in the community, what are responses that decrease mass criminalization and incarceration and do not rely on the punishment paradigm?

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Justice Poets performing at Beyond the Bars Conference

Theme: Connecting the Struggles

Description: The 6th Annual Beyond the Bars Conference took place on March 4-6. The conference aimed to connect the many ways in which mass incarceration has impacted individuals, families and communities across the U.S, and beyond, as well as build connections across diverse struggles for social justice. 

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Beyond the Bars fellows pose with Angela Davis

Theme: Transforming (In)Justice 

Description: The 5th Annual Beyond the Bars Conference took place on March 6-8. 

The Conference will focused on the idea of transformation by posing the following questions:

  • How do we work towards lasting transformative change?
  • How do we develop a framework for changing the way our country seeks  justice that does not perpetuate the roots of the problems that have led us here?
  • How do we create change that addresses the systemic marginalization while also addressing the need for individual accountability and the safety of our communities and our society?
  • What is a transformative agenda for changing the way we seek justice?

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Michelle Alexander accepts award at Beyond the Bars Conference