Mallah-Divine Mallah

How did you hear about JTC?
A friend of mine sent me information on it.

What made you want to apply?
I had finished up my Bachelor degree at New York City College of Technology and saw this as two-fold opportunity. First to learn Python a skill I would need moving forward in my tech goals. Second to network with an organization that understood my former incarcerated status.

Do you have any previous coding or technology experience?
Yes. I am Computer Network Technology AAS & a Computer Systems BTech

How has mass incarceration impacted you?
It impacted my development years because I was incarcerated at 20 years old and come home at almost 40 years old. That is the time-frame where I would have been establishing myself professionally and building a family personally.

What has your experience of reentry been like?
It has had it's ups and downs, But overall I am am grateful to be free and have an opportunity to live a fulfilled life.

How do you think Justice Through Code will support your reentry process?
It will give me options; and a chance to add skills from coding to professional development.

What do you wish employers knew about formerly incarcerated people?
That the onboarding process for formerly incarcerated people has to be different for those who have not been.

What are you most looking forward to this semester?
Learning a new skill in Python and meeting good people in the process.

If you could create your dream app, what would it be?
An app that scrapes the police databases and shows civilians all the bad police through complaints and shootings they been involved in.