Claudia P. Rincón, PhD


Claudia is the Associate Director of Operations and Evaluation at the Center for Justice where she is responsible for developing a framework for evaluation for the Center’s programs and initiatives, and for formulating, developing, and implementing strategies to ensure the sustainability of high quality programs. She also manages the Prison Education Program, supports the Justice Ambassadors and Justice Through Code programs, and mentors undergraduate and graduate students. Before joining the Center, Claudia worked at the Girl Scout Research Institute, part of Girl Scouts of the USA, where she led a team that conducted the evaluations of grant-funded initiatives and sponsorships and provided evaluation support and resources to the national office and staff at its 112 national affiliates. This work built staff members’ capacity to appreciate the value of systematic data collection and program evaluation, design sound evaluation plans, collect and analyze information, and share findings in ways that inform program development and improvements and future strategy. Over the years, Claudia has also worked with a number of national and international organizations in the areas of needs assessment and program development and evaluation, as well as in academic research. Much of her work has focused on identifying and understanding factors that promote and interfere with individuals’ abilities to access and utilize internal and external resources in a manner that allows them to lead healthy and productive lives. In her work, she seeks to understand the implications of program evaluation data in the context of local communities, socio-economic realities, and public policies that may affect programs goals, content, implementation, and impact.