Justice Through Code Now Recruiting for Foundation, Tech Pathways, and Flagship Programs for Fall 2024

May 08, 2024

Applications are now open for the next cohorts of Justice Through Code!

Applications are now open–we are excited to welcome the next cohorts of Justice Through Code Fellows in Fall 2024!


What is Justice Through Code?

Justice Through Code unlocks potential for the 80+ million Americans living with a criminal record. Our no-cost national career accelerators combine technical and professional skills development, employment opportunity, unprecedented industry mentorship, and ongoing support networks to help deserving talent embark on life-changing careers. We achieve this through 3 tiered accelerators: The Foundation; Tech Pathways; and The Flagship.Given the opportunity to aim higher, everyone wins

What is The Foundation program?

The Foundation is a 9-week intensive that teaches the technical and professional skills necessary to succeed in the 21st-century workforce. Course topics include:

• Building habits                • Understanding and working with data

• Organization                   • Mastering office productivity tools

• Communication              • The foundations of programming

Program Start Date: October 7th, 2024

What is The Tech Pathways program?

The 16-week Tech Pathways program dives deep into the life of junior software engineers and data analysts by teaching participants the foundational computer science and programming concepts in Python that are used in both career pathways. While gaining this exposure and knowledge, participants prepare for the program's culminating achievement--the technical assessment--which is required for entry into our flagship program.

• Python basics and Data handling module                  • Logic, Conditionals, and Data structures

• Functions, Exception handling, and Debugging         • Working with data and advanced topics

Program Start Date: TBD

What is The Flagship program?

The Flagship is a 34-week intensive that teaches the skills needed to prepare for apprenticeships and entry-level positions as software engineers. Course topics include:

• Javascript, Python, HTML and CSS      • Data Structures And Algorithms

• Technical Interviewing                           • Flask 

• Open-source software development     • System design   

Program Start Date: September 16th, 2024   

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