Zaria Davis

Name: Zaria Davis

What city and state do you live in?: Cincinnati, OH

Describe your current work/workplace: I serve as a coach, facilitator, and consultant for nonprofits and corporations servicing directly impacted communities through New Direction Coaching & Consulting, LLC. I founded a nonprofit for women, Filling the Gap, addressing many of the voids of services in her community for formerly incarcerated women. Filling the Gap serves on the UnlockHigherEd Steering Committee which advocates for removal of barriers for incarcerated. I got into this work after my own experiences within the criminal legal system. It is my believe that I was called to serve others and to work on the freeing of people in this country. I am passionate about reducing the prison population, fully restoring directly impacted people’s citizenship, and access to higher education during and after incarceration.

What made you want to join CLI?: I had a few colleagues who had participated and spoke highly of their experience. The program was unique in how it was described by those who had been a part of it. I was looking for a tribe, a group that I could bond and build with. CLI seemed like the place to connect to what I was seeking.

What are you most looking forward to as a part of CLI?: I am excited to collaborate with women doing work on a national level and being in a position to learn and.contribute in this space. To be able to connect with like-minded people and to grow in my own leadership. Also the opportunity to learn new things that will assist me personally and professionally.

What do you wish people knew about women who are incarcerated/formerly incarcerated/their families?: 
Women who are currently and formerly incarcerated are people. They are mothers, daughter, sisters, wives and deserve the same love and respect as any other woman. Women hold an important role in their families as well as their communities. It is important to listen to the voices of the women impacted as well as their families. They should be in a place of leadership and providing guidance in moving things forward.

Who is your biggest supporter?: My biggest supporter outside of the Creator is my daughter.

What is your favorite form of self-care?: I believe that self care is critical. I box, hike, have monthly massages, have quiet time, and have a great therapist.

Anything else you would like to share?: I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of CLI. i know that this will not only benefit me, personally, but will have an impact on those that i serve.