Systemic Racism, Inequity, and the Role of Tech Entrepreneurship (Charting a Path Forward Series)


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Systemic Racism, Inequity, and the Role of Tech Entrepreneurship (Charting a Path Forward Series)

August 26, 2020
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Online Event Zoom Webinar
Speakers: Marcus Bullock, CEO and founder of Flikshop; Anil Dash, founder and CEO of Glitch; Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO and co-founder of Promise Pay; and John Madsen, former chief architect for technology and partner at Goldman Sachs; and moderated by Lili Gangas, CTO of Kapor Center As the country continues to experience a mass movement for social justice and equality to end centuries of racism, how can we all contribute to lasting change? Tech, as a sector that shapes so much of our daily lives, has the opportunity to lead in the fight for equality and racial equity. Organized by Justice Through Code and supported by the Center for Justice at Columbia University and the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise at Columbia Business School, this session will explore how the tech sector can address systemic racism and how entrepreneurs, innovators, companies, and investors are pursuing opportunities to transform our individual and collective understanding, and pursuing high impact ventures and business innovations designed to achieve racial equity outcomes. About Justice Through Code (JTC) JTC is a joint partnership between the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise and Columbia University’s Center for Justice, which provides opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals to begin to grow and develop into the technology leaders of tomorrow. It works to constructively address the damage that mass incarceration has caused by providing equitable access to life-changing career track roles in the tech sector. Based on the disproportionate effect that our justice system has on communities of color, conversations on systemic racism must include mass incarceration and its collateral consequences that prevent returning citizens from employment, housing, and many other opportunities. About the "Charting a Path Forward Series" The series is designed to explore long term solutions to dismantling the foundations of racism and discrimination and to determine areas where the tech industry can go beyond discussion and take action to achieve equal opportunities for all.

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