Institute for Innovation in Prosecution and Center for Justice Release "Inside Criminal Justice: A Replication Manual for Prosecutors and Colleges"

August 07, 2020

Manual allows prosecutors and colleges to replicate the Inside Criminal Justice program, a seminar-style college course in which prosecutors and incarcerated students study together inside prisons.

Inside Criminal Justice is a joint initiative of The Manhattan D.A. Academy, the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and the Center for Justice. The initiative is a semester-long seminar comprised of individuals incarcerated at Queensboro Correctional Facility and prosecutors from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. The original model follows a six-week semester and uses a curriculum designed by Columbia University Psychology Professor Geraldine Downey. The course is intended to encourage in-depth and respectful conversation about the criminal justice system, culminating in jointly-authored policy proposals. The objective is to think together about a justice system that emphasizes public safety while supporting healthy development from birth to old age and makes engaged citizenship possible for everyone.

Students universally graduate from the program agreeing that justice requires us to seek the best interest of all members of our society, to elevate the voices of those impacted most by the system, and to see one another as complex people worthy of dignity and respect.

Lucy Lang, Director, Institute for Innovation in Prosecution

In partnership with the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the Center launched a replication manual to provide DA offices with a step by step guide to implementation.

Download the manual here