Justice Through Code Partners with Emergent Works to Offer Tech Opportunities for Formerly Incarcerated People

September 28, 2020

Justice Through Code has teamed up with software development agency Emergent Works to provide job opportunities for JTC graduates as they work alongside seasoned software engineers.

Are you interested in ending mass incarceration through supporting formerly incarcerated individuals in their career transition? Do you or your organization need web/mobile/software development work done?

If you answered yes to both, then we are excited to announce that Justice Through Code has teamed up with software development agency Emergent Works (formerly Code Cooperative) to provide job opportunities for our graduates as they work alongside seasoned software engineers. If you or anyone you know has web development needs reach out to [email protected] and let them know that you were referred by Justice Through Code. 

We have already seen amazing projects come out of our partnership with Emergent Works. Tomás Correa, a Justice Through Code alumni, recently joined Emergent Works as a software engineering apprentice. In collaboration with other engineers and Justice Through Code graduates, his team created a mobile app that provides community based alternatives to the police. The "not911" app is designed to direct users to New York City-based organizations that offer counseling, mediation, and intervention services in moments of emergency. Download not911 here: https://not911.nyc/ 

Photo of Tomas Correra in front of buildings in NYC

Being able to circumvent the police and still get your needs met is a beautiful thing. The first thing that comes to mind is a person on parole. If they were to fall off a bike and need assistance and call an ambulance, the police would come and they could have their parole violated for police contact.

Tomás Correa