Save the Date: Beyond the Bars 2022 Is April 9

March 01, 2022

This year's Beyond the Bars Conference will be at Riverside Church in New York City and live-streamed

Beyond the Bars 2022 is bringing together movements for decarceration, abolition, and climate and environmental justice to develop solidarity, share analysis, exchange strategies and build power.  This conference aims to not only confront the dire, intersecting realities of climate catastrophe, mass punishment, criminalization and incarceration, but to explore how we are working towards good relations, with each other, our communities and the earth we want and deserve. 

Beyond the Bars: Movement Building In A World On Fire will name some of the intersections of these fights for social, economic, political and human justice, and engage critical questions that cut across our struggles. The day-long event will explore organizing and advocacy efforts at these intersections, and uplift the creative strategies and interventions that can guide us in the work of making and maintaining good relations, and getting closer to horizons of freedom and safety for all. 

With three panels over the course of the day, scholars, organizers, healers and artists will explore these questions in the hopes of strengthening our collective work: 

  • What are the connections between the struggles for decarceration, abolition and climate justice? How does the work of making communities safer intersect with the protection of our environment?
  • What are the organizing strategies and concrete practices that confront the intersections of these struggles and advance our collective work? 
  • How can our respective movements collaborate and build together to transform our communities and develop stronger and more cohesive relations? 

Registration will be live on March 21. Please note: because of Covid capacity restrictions, the in-person conference will limited but the live stream will be available to all. All in-person visitors must show proof of vaccination and wear a mask during the event. Check back for more information about registration soon.

Beyond the Bars: Movement Building in A World On Fire. April 9, 2022. Riverside Church, New York City